Fawley AFC - Season So Far.. (Off The Pitch)

Fawley AFC are like most non league clubs at grassroots level. There’s no money, lots to pay for. There’s not much help, lots to do. You’ll hear a similar story from nearly every club at Step 6 or Step 5, lower or higher even. No one gets paid to be here, no expenses, no perks, just the love for our local football club and the game.

Pre-Season was pretty successful with lots of work around the ground being done or at least plans put in place. Repairs and maintenance seem to always be endless and a cruel cycle around the off season. Thankfully we always make it through and recently we come out better for it.

Anthony James Properties.jpg

Sponsorship is one of the most important tasks at the football club and it can be the hardest. Thankfully once again it’s been very positive, many renewing their deals and new companies getting on board with banners, kits etc. You can view our sponsors for this season HERE.

Essential repairs around the ground such as floors, plumbing, painting and the dreaded watering of the pitch in what seemed to be the harshest summer.

We do so much work off the pitch, half of it won’t be in this little write up, but here are some of the highlights of what we have done or currently working on.

Pitch Maintenance

A very positive deal was struck with the Fawley Parish Council Grounds Team, the same men who provide excellent service for our friends Blackfield & Langley up the road. This includes an all year round maintenance of the main pitch and the following:

Verti-Draining throughout the season

Seeding 1.jpg
  • Scarification 

  • Pitch Fertilizing in the Summer & Winter

  • Weedkilling

  • Top Dressing

  • Seeding

  • More regular cuts

  • More regular markings 

The workload taken off our committee will be invaluable and hopefully as the season goes on the playing surface will not only improve, but not get as bad as it did through the winter months last year.

Bistro / Tea Hut Renovations / Clubhouse

We have given the bistro a nice renovation inside and will soon be open for spectators to sit inside. There will be tables and chairs for anyone looking to warm up pre-game, during and after even, whilst enjoying the snacks and beverages we have to offer at very cheap prices. This is expected to be completed by mid October.

Something we’ve all missed since the closure of the Waterside Club is our clubhouse and onsite hospitality. We have a new cabin arriving in the next week and it will act as our “mini clubhouse” for the time being. There are plans being drawn up now for a brand new building to be shared between the Football and Cricket section, which will include changing rooms, bar facilities etc. Lots of work is going on behind the scenes at Fawley to improve facilities and the match day experience for everyone. The new cabin should be up and running by January. Although we hope sooner.


We’ve agreed a quote and begun the grant process with the Football Foundation for new floodlights. It’s early days still, but there is a good chance that during the next off season this work could all be carried out and completed before next season.


Fundraising will be crucial so the financial strains of this project doesn’t impact the day to day running of the football club.

The current floodlights are undergoing maintenance and repairs now to ensure there are no problems this season.

Additions To The Club

New faces were needed, commitments were piling up and the committee seems to get smaller each year. We’ve taken in a new manager for the reserve team in Stephen Griffiths and his contributions so far have been excellent. Not only the large amount of new players, some of which are regularly in the first team now, but the experience of running his own non league club, initiative to get on with everything. A very welcome member to the club who we know will be a success.

Stephen Griffiths

Stephen Griffiths

You may have noticed a new face towards the end of last season in our bistro, he goes by the name of Andy Winter. His new ideas and enthusiasm to the role he basically stumbled into has been a real positive this season. The options are much wider for our spectators and the takings are telling us it’s working very well. Another very welcome member to the committee.

The 100 club

We’ve researched this carefully and been planning to do this for a while now. Finally the 100 club will start in October. This is monthly lottery that will consistently raise valuable funds for the club and at the same time give back cash prizes to those who support it.

100 CLUB RULES front.jpg