New Pitch Maintenance Deal Agreed

Fawley are delighted to announce a new pitch maintenance deal has been agreed with the Fawley Parish Council Grounds Team and the work will start as early as next week. 


Since the closure of the Waterside Sports & Social Club in December 2016, Fawley AFC have had to take on the regular maintenance work themselves. Committee members and players having to learn quickly as they volunteered roles from grass cutting to seeding in the off season. 

Last season Fawley Parish Council came in around midway and begun the basics whilst the club was trying to get on it's feet financially after the early floodlight issues drained all resources. However we have now re-negotiated what works will be carried out and are pleased to share with almost everything available will be done. 

We are confident that our pitch condition will improve dramatically in terms of playing surface and grass coverage.

  • Verti-Draining throughout the season
  • Scarification 
  • Pitch Fertilizing in the Summer & Winter
  • Weedkilling
  • Top Dressing
  • Seeding
  • More regular cuts
  • More regular markings 

The Fawley Parish Council Grounds Team have good man power and are all very passionate with their work carried out. The latest equipment and very knowledgeable staff.  A prime example is Blackfield & Langley's pitch which they look after, widely regarded as one of the better pitches between both Wessex Divisions in recent memory.