Visiting the Holbury Community Sports Association

We share our playing facilities with three other sports sections (cricket, tennis and bowls) making up the Holbury Community Sports Association (HCSA). More details of which can be found on the HCSA section of the website.

Walking passed the cricket pitch during a game

Please make every effort to stick to the path leading from the car park entrance to the football section to avoid walking over the cricket playing surface on the way to the football facility. All sports sections are responsible for the maintenance of their own surfaces and our cricket section are well known among the Southern League where they compete for having an excellent surface due to the dedicated voluntary groundsmen who maintain it on an almost daily basis. With this in mind we (the football section) must play our part in being respectful of the facilities and advising others if we spot someone walking on the pitch, or ether knowingly/ unknowingly damaging the facilities. Together we want to maintain the highest standard of sports facility for the local community!

When a cricket match is on please be mindful that walking behind the screens from the bowling end can be both distracting and dangerous for a batsman (The screens are displayed in white with the wheels on the map above). Please wait until the end of the over (6 deliveries constitutes an over) to walk passed the screens.

Please take your litter home

The football section have had problems with on site litter through both players leaving bottles around the premises after training or through visitors or mischievous 'gatehoppers' leaving rubbish around the football ground. Please be respectful of the facilities and either use the bins provided or take your rubbish home with you. We are a small team of volunteers and we want to spend our time making meaningful improvements to the club facilities, not litter picking from hedges :-)

Leave the Changing rooms tidy

All players and coaches have a responsibility to leave the changing rooms looking tidy, this includes the youth sections. Please put all electric tape and empty drink bottles into the bin provided, and ensure the shower rooms are left tidy.

Club Facilities

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